THYEIN / square scarf

THYEIN / square scarf

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THYEIN scarf features artwork created with iconic Pacific Northwest landscapes found in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Overhead views of forests and beaches are overlaid to create a dramatic and rich collection of texture and pattern inspired by this powerful location. Thyein means ‘to sacrifice’ in ancient Greek, and is believed to be the root word for Thuja, the Latin word for Cedar tree. This piece honours the natural landscapes humanity has taken from over and over again. It is also inspired by the incredibly strong Haida people who have continued to have a presence in this part of the world despite massive genocide, and have so much to teach us about living in harmony with mother nature.

This textile design features digital art created from photographs JUNCO took while visiting Haida Gwaii.

Made of an elegant chiffon that is translucent and drapes beautifully to dress up any outfit.

Images on mannequins are shown in the following size order: 36x36, 50x50, 26x26

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Polychiffon is light weight and shows the print on both sides. Colours won’t fade. Handwash cold and hang to dry