Two drool-inducing fashion designers: from "trashy and futuristic" to painfully elegant.

I'm always prowling the internet for design inspiration (or designers I can add to my wardrobe collection), and over the last year I've completely fallen in love with the following designers. You'll notice a trend of dark colour palettes, asymmetry and interesting use of texture, layers and geometry. Warning: plenty of drooling may ensue if you also like this kind of thing. 




Oh, DEMOBAZA, you are cruel and unusual. I finally purchased two pieces from their AW13 collection last year and oh boy, do I love them. 

DEMOBAZA started in 2008 by Bulgarian designers Demo and Tono. Creating seriously rad items for both men and women, they describe their designs as having a "minimal and futuristic look expressed by deconstructive sporty shapes. Uniform built of trashy and bad made looking elements." 



I love the descriptors "trashy and bad made". Ironically (of course) designs are perfectly thought out and feature quality workmanship. Their textiles are gorgeous, treated with interesting dyes and heavy distressing. Items are unique and limited run so get them while you can.  Maximum drool-points go to their funky jumpsuits. 

2. INAISCE by Jona Sees

The work of Jona Sees brings me so much joy. His INAISCE series of work is elegantly displayed on a minimalist website. Jona collaborates with a number of talented designers and artisans, and I particularly love his work with textile artist TAIANA (who's felted merino wool shroud is pictured above). Truly inspiring, artistic and unique. I love the geometry and quirky styling of his collections.

Jona's pieces, and the photography, exude elegance and grace:

Be sure to check out his personal website as well, where more collaborations and stunning work such as his chemical paintings and photo studies can be found. 

Now it's your turn - who are some of your favourite designers of the moment? I'd love to hear about them!