Adventures with a Drone


What’s this? A drone? Yes! This is a Contixo F24 Pro drone with a camera that I have been trying out for almost two weeks. That means I’m a certified pilot (of sorts) in Canada! It was quite the process getting a license to fly. There is an immense amount of material to go through for a license, plus an exam… but it’s the only way you can fly a drone over 250g legally in the country.

So… why did I get a drone?

I have been captivated by birds eye views for a long time, especially since visiting Iceland in 2016 and buying an incredible book of aerial photography by Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson. I tried finding more about him online to share with you, but it’s proving difficult! Here is one of his photographs:

A stunning aerial view of Iceland photographed by Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson.

A stunning aerial view of Iceland photographed by Sigurgeir Sigurjónsson.

At the time, decent photography drones were thousands of dollars, which was probably still cheaper than flying in a helicopter repeatedly, but I couldn’t justify the cost. Thanks to fast advancements in technology, I am now the happy owner of a great introductory drone to start experimenting with my own birds eye view photography. The textures and colours that come out from this point of view really excite me and I can’t wait to start making new designs out of the photographs I take. Here’s one of my first shots.


I can’t call it amazing, but with the flying laws around Vancouver I have to wait until I’m further out of town to get more interesting views. It’s just incredible to be able to do this now! So far the Contixo F24 Pro has been really easy and fun to fly. It has a sturdy build, is lightweight, folds ups very small (great for travel!) and the camera is a good start. Eventually I’ll want to upgrade to something with a higher resolution for my purposes but I’m quite happy with it at this stage.

If you want to check out my first impressions, I made a short video here (or you can watch it below).)

I’m excited to share more photos as the weeks go on. It will take me a little while, due to having to plan a few road trips in order to do it, but stay tuned - it’s going to be fun! Do you have any favourite places or natural settings you’d love to see me photograph from above?