TEXTURES.003 / photo study / chilko lake

Chilko Lake is nestled in a stunning, off-the-beaten-track corner of British Columbia. It's a perfect example of this part of BC's awe-inspiring geography. Rugged mountains jut out of a glassy, turquoise lake that is so large it feels like an inland sea. The silence in this region is staggering and humbling. It's just you and nature out here.

I have had an interest in the area for a number of years, when I first stumbled upon it in the interwebs while looking for new places to hike and camp 'near' Vancouver (it takes about 12 hours to get there from the city.) This past autumn, family connections offered the opportunity to stay at the amazing Chilko Experience wilderness resort where we spent 4 days exploring the area. It did not disappoint, and as I suspected, there were plenty of natural textures and colours to draw inspiration from in my work. The next series of JUNCO wearables will most certainly be making use of the images I took during this trip. Here are a few of my favourites, including the obligatory grizzly bear shot!