fragments of a brainstorm

I'm a little late in the game, but I recently started playing with Fragment app for iPhone by Pixite. I downloaded it over a year ago but never used it much. Starting JUNCO design prompted me to check it out again because I knew it could generate interesting patterns and textures with its prismatic photo effects. The results have been perfect for brainstorming new textile designs using my photographs. Here are a few I've created over the past week. You may notice a few of the images that ended up inspiring some of JUNCO's recent textile designs.

It's been great fun pulling my photographs into Fragment and transforming them into digital art  without having to turn on my computer and open Photoshop. The people at Pixite have an assortment of creative apps perfect for creating quick little visual experiments on impulse, whether you're waiting for the bus, taking a break at work or killing time waiting for an appointment. Here's a quick little video made by Pixite to demonstrate how Fragment works: 

I highly recommend the application if you're looking for something a little different than your usual photo editing apps. It's fast, fun and can work in tandem with apps like Instagram and other Pixite apps. You can download it here or in App Store. Once you've tried a few basics, be sure to try "refragmenting" images and playing with other adjustments like contrast, desaturate and additive. They can generate some awesome, unpredictable eye candy!