Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to create and ship my item?

Leggings and scarves are produced within 2-6 business days. Shipping time varies but can take 2-8 business days following production to arrive at your door, depending on your location. 

Items purchased through are subject to the Society6 shipping standards.

What is "slow fashion" and why don't you mass-produce your designs?

All items are made-to-order, because JUNCO believes slow fashion is better for our planet. Reducing consumption of raw materials by decreasing fashion production can allow the earth’s resources to recover and regenerate. 

"Fast-fashion" or mass-production leads to over-production, potentially filling up our landfills and creating unnecessary waste and puts stress on natural resources. If you're interested in learning more about slow fashion, this article is excellent

If you're interested in making a larger order please contact us for wholesale pricing. 

How to you create your designs?

We import our original artwork or photographs into Adobe Photoshop and work our magic to create textile-appropriate art. It's then printed on fabric and ready to be sewn into unique wearable creations.

Will the item I purchase look exactly as I see it on my monitor?

Colours may vary from monitor to monitor due to individual settings and limitations in digital photography and slight variations in dye process that may occur - every effort is made to come as close to actual colors in each product as possible.